Demo Content Import

Import Demo

1.  First, go to Appearance > Import Demo Data

2.  click Import button to start importation of the demo website.

3. Please wait until the demo data is imported properly because it may take a while.

4. And finally when demo data importation is finished successfully  you will see a confirmation message. 

Homepage Setup

01. Go to settings > Reading. And choose A static page and set your Homepage then hit the save changes button.

Permalinks Setup

To create a custom URL structure for your permalinks go to Settings > Permalinks and fill in the Common Settings. Choose Day and Name

Hit the Save Changes Button.

Change Date Format

01. Go to settings > General.

02. Default Date Format is First On. For this Theme, You should Choose Custom.

03. After Choose Custom, Just write d, M

04. Hit the Save Changes Button.

Menu Setup

Go to Appearance > Select Main Menu Form Select a menu to edit.

And choose Primary in the Menu Settings at below.

Then hit the Save Menu button.

Update Site Address (URL)

1. Go to Elementor > Tools and Choose Replace URL

2. For Updating Site URL, Put old url and new url. Then hit the Replace URL button.

Set Widget Equal Height

01. Go to Element Pack.

02. Go to Element Pack > Elementor Extend

03. By Default, Widget Equal Height is Disable. Make Enable by Click the Slider.

04. Make Enable by Click the Slider. And Hit the Save Settings button.